Fine, I’m an alcoholic. But so are you.

Following last month’s article, and my celebration at being “SIX MONTHS SOBER, BABY!”, I got my first very weird reaction to my sobriety. Someone I don’t know very well but am friends with on Facebook challenged me on my use of the word ‘sober’, claiming that to use that word…

*but were too afraid to ask

I asked my followers on Instagram and Twitter what questions they had for me about my sobriety — here is the result:

Dating culture seems to revolve around pubs and bars; how does sobriety change that for you if at all?

I’ve been on exactly two dates since I quit drinking and they were with the same person. The first date was in the evening at a bar that…

All the shit bits of being sober

I’ve made a big show of going sober. My past two articles have been primarily focused on how much calmer and happier I have become since I quit drinking. How many things in my life were wrong or difficult or out of control because of or made worse by alcohol…

I asked my friends, Romans, and countryfolk (i.e. Twitter and Instagram) to give me a “mood” as a prompt for book recommendation articles. My second request came from someone I met six years ago whilst studying on exchange at McGill University in Montreal: “trying to forget someone”. Whoever it is…

Kayla Martell Feldman

Anglo-American atheist Jew. Director & writer for stage & screen. Book person, intersectional feminist, poet. Living with OCD. Not an Expert. she/her

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